What is Sitrus

Sitrus is our humble gift to the world: it is a lightweight web application for tracking any data, with a constantly growing set of tools to process and analyze user's data. We hope that it will help people quantify the aspects of their lives that they are interested in, giving them the resources necessary to analyze their data as they see fit. As we work to expand our analysis toolkit, we hope that Sitrus will grow to become an invaluable resource for both tracking and analyzing self-data, allowing our users to see their lives with greater clarity.

About the Founders

The founders met during their first year of undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago and they have been up to no good ever since, despite being scattered across the US. For our day jobs we make up an diverse almost diverse team of 2 software engineers, 1 data analyst and 1 computational linguist. We enjoy programming, self-quantification, and the pursuit of our ideal selves and hope that Sitrus will allow others to dive deeper into that pursuit as well.

Contact Us

If you try Sitrus and like it, we encourage you to tell your friends, aquantinces and enemies. If you have suggestions, questions, compliments or fan mail, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to us at sitrus-help@gmail.com Please direct all hate mail to /dev/null.